Free Extreme Fiction


    And now it was late at night or early in the morning. Robin wasn't sure which. He no longer had any idea what time it was or how cold it was or where he was or how sick he was. He only knew that one second he felt like he was going to freeze to death and the next he sweltered in his own hot clamminess and now, also, he had a sore throat that was so bad he could hardly swallow, not that he gave a damn. He didn't want to die, that wasn't it. He wasn't wandering through Seatrailia's worst rainstorm in four years because he wanted to kill himself. It was just that he couldn't quite feel anything. He was in shock. He didn't go home because, so far as he was concerned, he no longer had a home, and he didn't have anywhere else to go, so he just wandered along, stumbled along until he couldn't even do that anymore, at which point he plopped on his butt on somebody's lawn, and he stared up into the sky until the rain filled his eyes, and he touched his ring, the only thing in his life that he felt was truly his, and his ring felt warm, and he rubbed his ring so that his ring warmed him, and he thought, oh please God. Please see me safely through this Night in Hell.
    And then he saw this flicker of light. It reminded him of a firefly even though he'd never actually seen a live firefly before in his life. It flitted all around his forehead, and Robin had to wipe the rain out of his eyes to get a really good look at it, but even at that he had a hard time focusing on it because it kept moving. Everytime he got a fix on it, it'd flutter out of his line of vision. It wasn't like a tiny light bulb or anything like that. It was alive, whatever it was. It moved like something alive, and then Robin started laughing because he suddenly thought about Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, and he thought, thanks a million God. You've sent me a fairy in my time of need, and thinking that made Robin laugh even louder, made him convulse with laughter. He tried to snatch the thing out of the air, and, "Ouch!", whatever it was bit him. "What in the hell are you?" The palm of his hand burned like he'd been stung by a bee, and then the thing landed right on top of Robin's nose, and Robin thought, Jesus, it is a fairy.
    And it was. Now that Robin could really get a look at it he saw that it was, indeed, a glowing little being, a tiny woman no bigger than the filling of a tooth. The fairy smiled at Robin, and Robin smiled back and said, "Hi you. You're a cute little critter, ain't you?" and then the fairy smiled a second time just before exposing a face full of fangs and giving Roben a vicious bite on the nose. Robin yelped, then dissolved into a pool of swirling lights.