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      Hi everybody. Dann O'Keefe here.
      Anyone looking for Issue #57 of FREE EXTREME FICTION is going to be disappointed because it's not going to happen. Issue #56 is as far as I'm going to go. From here on out, FEF will continue to exist as a showcase for my work but not as a place for any fresh material. Where can I find further installments of the Adam Jaguar Saga you may very well ask? They will continue on a monthly basis on my new website. Only problem: I can't call him Adam Jaguar anymore. Someone put a copywrite on the name. So bye-bye Adan Jaguar. Hello Adam Gotok.  Check it out. Installments of Adam Gotok and the Path to Domitika are on display right now. Here's the...LINK.                                              

                                                                                      Archives Below:                                                    


    Cold-Blooded World: I'm never going to write anything as good as this again. It's Raymond Chandler meets Ingmar Bergman as Jimmy Lomax spends a night and a day and a night looking for a killer and God. Here are the first ten chapters...START

    The Adam Jaguar  series. This is the action-adventure series I'm doing now. I've finished the first three novels out of the twenty-one I eventually plan to do...START

    Short-stories: I wrote most of these earlier on when I was still learning how to write fiction. There are six of these...START

    The Seatrailia Wars: I wrote twenty-nine installments of this action-adventure series, out of the hundred I meant to write, some twenty years ago. I've run four chapters...START

    Emerald Dreams: Very, very short and surrealistic short pieces, none longer than a dream. There are three of these...START

    Essays: Non-fiction pieces, mostly personal, blog-like stuff. There are three of these...START

    UNPUBLISHABLE. This is a little rant I did in 2014 for the wonderful Irish literary journal Writing ie.. To read it one need only click...HERE