Free Extreme Fiction


    Here's what Adam felt and experienced in that moment that he touched Katy Armstrong and gazed into her eyes.    
    He slipped away.     
    In his mind and in his heart and in his soul he slipped away from that room and that situation and away from his own body, from his being, really.            
    He slipped into memory.     
    And in that memory he was once again with his beloved Myanna, even though it'd been years, centuries, since they'd physically been together. He'd had sex with, literally, billions of women over his lifetime. Only with Myanna, however, had he truly made love. Yes, she'd been dead for hundreds of years, yet, even at that, even as he thought of her, his breath caught. He'd loved her so much. Adam had never known anyone, man or woman, as powerful as Myanna. Born of royalty, Myanna was the only woman, in all of his years and travels, who had never felt the slightest bit intimidated by him. They layed eyes on each other and recognized instantly each other's immense strength. Before the first day had finished, they were in each other's arms, not bothering to be tender because tenderness was for lesser beings. They clawed at each other, they kneaded each other's muscles with strong, muscular fingers. They all but swallowed each other's tongues. Adam couldn't remember how many times he'd climaxed that night, but he knew that each time he did Myanna climaxed right along with him, screaming into Infini her quivering pleasure. Myanna. So long ago.  
    The young woman who stood before him now was the complete opposite of Myanna in every possible way, soft where Myanna had been hard, vulnerable where Myanna had been nothing but strong, and yet...yet...what was it about this plump young woman? He thought, one look into her eyes, one touch of her shoulder, and suddenly I'm thinking of the only True Love I've ever really known.
    Oh no, he thought. It can't be. It can't be her.     
    And then she peered into his eyes a second time. I know, I know, they seemed to say. As ridiculous as it seems, even to me, especially to me, I am Mother to the One. I'm the one you've been looking for all these centuries. I'm certain I am.   
    And then she smiled, a smile as simple as a child's yet as complex as the life of a full-grown human being. I'm frightened, her smile said. This is all alien territory for me, but I want you to know, I'm here for you, Adam. From this moment on, whatever happens, I'm in.       
    Okay, that does it, Adam thought. I am now officially in love.