Free Extreme Fiction


    Okay, that does it for the first novel in this series. Hope you enjoyed it. I certainly enjoyed writing it, although, as I'm certain I've already said many times, I developed the narrative of this piece in the fever-rich dimension of my inner imaginative world over several decades, which is to say when I was younger, even much younger, than I am today. In other words, if I intend to continue this series,  and I most certainly do, Adam Jaguar's going to have to grow up a little, even as I've grown. He's going to have to stop being so goddamned juvenile and invulnerable all the time.
    He's going to have to get his ass kicked, in other words, and I mean kicked. 
    That's what the next novel's going to be all about.
    It's called Adam Jaguar and the Assassin from Boran D.
    It starts next month. Until that time...