Free Extreme Fiction


    This is the chapter I feel most uneasy about. I tried to eject it a couple times, but all that theology stuff at its center was essential to the overall narrative, and know...this chapter says something very important, I believe, about the animal that is at the center of Humanity, as know...what would it take for someone to want to pick up a tire iron to use on another living being? Very cold heart of the morning stuff. I feel particularly uneasy about the racial elements of this installment, the "N" word and all of that. I've spent most of my adult life, some thirty-five plus years, working in a black district, and I, personally, have a very deep and respectful regard for the people of that culture, and I would never, myself, ever say that word out loud in any context whatsoever. I've heard it a lot, though, among the young black men especially, but they use it as a sad, ironic joke and as a term of affection among those who understand the joke. My experience over the years is that, black or white, use that word in any context besides the one I just described, use it in its original racist context, and it's best for everyone else to get out of the room. Someone, very likely, is going to get hurt. It's that powerful a word.
    Ergo, the uneasiness. The installment's so powerful, though. It really gets under the skin. In the end, as an artist, as a writer, I had to go for it. Nothing else I could come up with was anywhere near as strong. 
    One last thing before I go. The character of Coyote. Like Timmy, and unlike every other character, including Jimmy, he just started talking, and all I had to do was copy down the words. Coyote told me how he was going to be. Under no circumstances did I tell him. The joys of creation. I love it.