Free Extreme Fiction


    This was a tough chapter to crank out. I had to rewrite it completely five or six times. What I wanted was for Jimmy to go to that gleaming blue Seaclear cathedral, I even had a character that I loved, Eric, help him get in. It never worked. It always got too James Bondish. Great for Adam Jaguar. Wrong for Jimmy Lomax. Once again, a dream bailed me out. I had this dream about a house I shared with my brothers and sisters and all of their extended families. We're talking, maybe, fifty, sixty people here, factoring in kids and grandkids and step-kids and all of that. And, of course, because this was a dream, the house was a twisty, surrealistic affair with too many front doors and hallways and...Anyway, once I factored that house into this scene, it became workable.