Free Extreme Fiction


    I've got a lot to say about this series and will as the months go by, I have one essay about its origins that I wrote fifteen-years ago that I'll run some year, but what you need to know now, at the outset, is that the series is incomplete and, so far as I know now, will never be complete. I only got through twenty-nine chapters of the hundred I planned to do before my life fell apart a little, and of those twenty-nine chapters I now only have about fifteen. So pathetic. Of the hundred-plus stories I've published or self-published in my life, I now have only, maybe, thirty in my possession. I am just not a collector, to, like, a ridiculous degree. Part of what I hope to do with this project is to track down a lot of those stories so I can run them here on Free Extreme. In the meantime, enjoy. There's plenty in The Seatrailia Wars to enjoy. Just don't expect an ending.